Laura Volpintesta Vocal Design

Laura Volpintesta, vocalist


I’m Laura Volpintesta.

….a singer, a fashion author, fashion designer, educator, performing and visual artist.

and a momma.

You are an individual or institution that wants an injection of expression, inspiration, connection, creativity, community, adventure and celebration of life.

Brazilian music is electric and earthy. Traditions and innovation come together and tell magical stories that move the body and stir the soul.

For samba and Brazilian dance lessons, Brazilian and jazz vocals for corporate events and private parties, email

Band prices from duo with percussion, vocal and guitar to full bands run from $400 to $1,000 per musician.

I’m located in Connecticut and play NY, NJ and CT, Boston in general.

For bookings, contact 203-788-7909 or email

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I see music and art as a healing art.

Expression heals. Music connects.

Music moves, unites, breaks boundaries, brings people into an instant, together, stopping time.

Music makes me smile and brings peace.

Do you feel this way?:

Dance and music lift us out of our worry and our “weary” and make us feel alive, beautiful, refreshed, energized.

Moving and singing, everything bottled up inside comes to the outside.

Brazilian music and jazz bring together African, Indigenous, European traditions and beyond.

This fusion, for me, is the ultimate fusion and healing as all worlds and races come together and express themselves.

Samba is love. Harmony is  it’s voice. Harmony is movement.

Music is the magic and the mystery……

Feeling, expression, vitality and vibrancy, heaven and Earth




Laura Volpintesta/ Joe Carter Duo


Laura Volpintesta and Joe Carter bossa nova duo